The start of a movement

100 Moments is the starting project of Live Well Make Art.  Live Well Make Art is a Greater Manchester movement designed to promote the benefits that art has on wellbeing.

We know that being involved in creativity makes us feel good.  We want to promote these benefits to more people across Greater Manchester and to do this, we’re working with arts and community organisations, from small local ones, up to large national organisations like the Arts Council.  By creating connectivity between organisations and by taking art to more people, we hope to increase the wellbeing of the people of Greater Manchester at the same time as raising the profile of the arts and highlighting its importance.

If you are an arts or community organisation, small or big, based in Greater Manchester, you are invited to join the Live Well Make Art movement with our seed project, 100 Moments.  Go to our ‘Submit a Moment’ page to find out more and make your submission.   It’s easy, straightforward and there are lots of benefits to your organisation, if you take part.

If you want to find out more, as the project progresses, sign up to the 100 Moments mailing list and we will update you before, during and after the week of events in October.



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