Museums at Night by Museum of Wigan Life

Our next moment comes from the Museum of Wigan Life who are holding ‘Museums at Night’ event on 21st October. They tell us about their moment…

“Forget what you think you know about museums. Visitors can engage in their community and see culture in a different light where history collides with the digital era. Visit after dark to find out more about local artists, art organisations and volunteering opportunities. See the museum transformed with newly commissioned art installations and cutting edge live music or explore the quirky corners for new art works, light shows and soundscapes.

The event will support people to engage in their communities through art, history and culture. People will be encouraged to take advantage of social opportunities and volunteering to support others in their community. Health benefits include preventing social isolation, improving mental health and encouraging intergenerational discussion. Wigan Museums and Archives & Local Studies has over 85 volunteers supporting us throughout the year.”

‘This event is a new approach for us, stepping out of our comfort zone and encouraging local artists and groups to curate their own works and spaces. I am excited to be trying a new approach and encouraging everyone to get involved’. Lynda Jackson, Community History Manager

A big thank you to Museum of Wigan Life for sending us their moment! 

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