Our next moment comes from the the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) in Salford  who have launched their Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment or CAREN following three years of fundraising. They tell us about their moment…

“This was the moment we launched our virtual reality lab at BASIC – Brain And Spinal Injury Centre in Salford. The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment or CAREN uses virtual reality and robotics to speed up recovery from brain injury and reduce its impact. It was purchased following a capital fundraising appeal by our charity.

CAREN provides rehabilitation for walking, provides balance training and falls prevention, daily living training and pain management. Can be used to assist those with acquired brain and spinal injury, managing long term neurological conditions, mild to moderate dementia, mental heath intervention, rehabilitation of amputees and wounded soldiers and recovery from sports related injury.”

“The machine bought everything together using my brain in sync with my body. My coordination has improved beyond doubt and give time will help me immensely for the first time”- Participant

A big thank you to BASIC for sending us their moment! 

BASIC logo.png

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