Expression Connectivity by Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

Our next moment comes from the Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles , who commission Expression Connectivity, a weekly group of 8 participants that takes place on Fridays from 10:30am-12:30pm at the Turnpike. They tell us about their moment…

“Expression Connectivity, commissioned by Inspiring health lifestyles, believes creativity and holistic approaches play a crucial role in valuing the participant as a whole person, by empowering the imagination of individuals to be agents of wellness and supporting those in recovery to be more resilient through movement (contemporary dance) and expression.

The weekly programme delivers an innovative, person-centered approach through delivery of high quality arts provision together with peer to peer support for those seeking abstinent recovery from addiction.

  • The initiative provides a creative & therapeutic framework of learning and self-reflection, to support participants mental health and wellbeing:
  • Participants gain confidence and self-esteem in supporting them to embark upon a life of sustainable recovery
  • Participants become independent and productive members of our community
  • Participants develop their personal skills and abilities to reach out and share their achievements with the wider community”

When asked: “How does this activity benefit you?”, participants said:

“Unity – we are all together and we support each other”

“We have this thing where one of us says lets do it, and we do” “we have a connection”

“I think its important to express yourself”

“When you have expressed yourself in the group you can then carry it outside of the group, it stays with you for the rest of the week, you are able to reflect on what you have been able to do within the group”

“when you go through recovery at the beginning its hard to share anything, after you have shared your story – or what has happened to you then you feel relieved. Dancing helps to you to do this”

“I think you can put your mind at rest when you are dancing”

“We all meet up and support each other outside the group as well as inside, its like a plat-form for us to do that.”

A big thank you to Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles for sending us their moment! 

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