St. Anne’s Square Takeover by the Stroke Association’s North West Community Choir

Our next moment comes from the Stroke Association’s North West Community Choir. They tell us about their moment…

“This image captures the moment that the Stroke Association’s North West Community Stroke Choir took over St Anne’s Square in Manchester, with an impromptu performance for surprised shoppers. Originally in the city centre to support an art exhibition by stroke survivor Mark Ware at the Royal Exchange Theatre, the choir spotted an opportunity to perform outside and reach even more people, so took to the square to break into song in front of a gathering crowd.
Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an expert, the North West Community Stroke Choir is fun and friendly for all involved. Group members come away from the sessions feeling exhilarated and it really helps to lift the mood of stroke survivors, carers, volunteers and health professionals alike.

Around a third of stroke survivors are left with aphasia after stroke, which affects people’s ability to communicate. Aphasia has a massive impact on stroke survivors’ lives and some people can find singing is a good form of expression.”

Stroke survivor Ron from Stockport began going along to the Stroke Association’s North West Community Choir, after his stroke left him with aphasia. Ron said:

“It’s been brilliant for my speech. Talking to the other members each week has helped me so much. I’m now singing in the choir as well as playing my guitar. Having a role helps me to focus and mine is to help the singers stay in tune!”

Ann from Stalybridge, is a member of the choir, even performing her own original music at several Stroke Association events. Before she had a stroke in May 2013, Ann was a successful folk musician performing gigs across the North West alongside her daughter Shelley. She said:

“Being a part of the choir has been so special, it’s given me a real sense of achievement and made a huge difference to my confidence. Hearing the choir singing my music has been wonderful and I am so proud to perform with them. I would encourage anyone to get involved.”

A big thank you to the Stroke Association’s North West Stroke Choir for sending us their moment! 


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