Arts for Wellbeing with ARC

This moment is from ARC, a creative arts organisation based in Stockport specialising in workshops, wellbeing and community development. They tell us about their moment here…

“This week 26 people will attend sessions on our community outreach programme Arts for Wellbeing, the ideal entry point into Arc with sessions based in venues across Stockport.
We develop high impact, bespoke programmes of support, and include people who are in difficulty, vulnerable, excluded, ill, or isolated.

We help people to manage their mental health and increase their wellbeing by exploring what it means to live well, to experience meaning and purpose; to flourish and to make a difference. We provide opportunities for people to explore their creativity, connect with others and learn new skills.

Sessions are led by a professional artist and supported by a volunteer and a social work student. Some participants begin their involvement with Arc by joining one of the community outreach courses and then progressing onto the longer Challenge wellbeing programme.

Our moment takes the form of an image, showing what one participant said about the programme through a quote and recent artwork.

Each workshop brings art making and team building together to help participants improve their self-esteem, wellbeing and feel more connected to their local community.”

One participant said:

“Just this couple of hours a week gives me a lot of healing.”


A big thank you to Arc for sending us their moment!





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