Harmony Club with Avant Garden

Our next moment comes from creative wellbeing specialists, Avant Garden. Their moment is a weekly session Harmony Club that runs Wednesdays, 4pm – 5:30 at Coppice Library & Wellbeing Centre in Sale. They tell us more about it here…

“Sharing ideas, energy & good will, Harmony Club provides opportunity to explore the natural world of wellbeing. With gentle mindfulness, music, earthy arts and crafts projects – and animal friendships – young people learn techniques for commonplace ailments e.g. Pain relief, sleep problems and anxiety whilst appreciating the power of nature, kinship and the joy of change.”

“Our menagerie of critters include Pablo the leaf insect, Clarence the crab, Delilah and Norman the Royal Pythons and Deirdre the tortoise. Encouraging children to engage with and respect all form of life, we have the ‘3 Cs of Animal Handling’: Calm, Confident and Caring. Each creature offers different insight and inspiration for wellbeing and always has a fun make- believe backstory too.

The health and wellbeing that is intended from this include: greater understanding of the link between body and mind, and the individual power of lifestyle choices and social opportunities.

The items made by the children, are designed to aid in both self-expression and good health habits at home. From water cups to ‘sleepy pillows’ (lavender filled) and seasonal decorations, the participants learn holistic theory and put it in to practice.”

Quote from participant or staff member:

“A steady increase in attendance of both children and parents has proved Harmony Club to be a much loved event where practical and artistic skills are learned and applied. It has been exciting to see such engagement and enthusiasm from all ages and that Norman the snake has become something of a celebrity across services!”

A big thank you to Avant Garden Creative Wellbeing for sending us their moment!





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