St Luke’s Art Project

Our next moment comes from TLC St Luke’s, a charity based at St Luke’s Church in Longsight, Manchester. It was established in 1989 to help people with mental health needs, by providing a safe and welcoming environment, and offering support and activity to all participants. They tell us about their moment here…

“We run an open art studio every week for people who have mental health problems and anyone else that fancies coming along. You can draw, paint, use computers for art – and we also do workshops in textiles with CDM.UK and occasionally printmaking and other interesting projects that come along. The difference is that its up to you what you do in the art project and its very relaxed to suit you

People tell us that being in the art project helps them to meet new people, learn new things, express something and feel more confident, more relaxed and more sociable.”

A participant who attends the groups says:

“St Luke‘s Art Project helps me to socialise, meeting new people. I get too tense when I’m on my own in the flat – I get paranoid and I worry about my health. I’ve made friends here – and doing art relaxes me.”


A big thank you to St Luke’s Centre for sending us in their moment!





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