HINDLEY SPEAKS by Healthy Arts

Our next moment comes from Healthy Arts, who tell us about their moment ‘HINDLEY SPEAKS’ at Chapter One Tea Rooms in Hindley Library in Wigan…

“An afternoon of history, mystery, and storytelling as we talk of the town, our lives within it and how it has changed over the years. Come and take a walk down memory lane in the company of local history writer Julie McKiernan. A reminiscence session aimed at the over 50s.

The session is aimed at older people, particularly those living well with dementia and their carers, and those who may feel isolated due to age/and or bereavement. The session will encourage participants to interact with each other in a relaxed and informal setting and bond over a shared interest in the history of their local community. It is anticipated that they will gain more confidence, develop their communication skills through simple writing exercises, make new friends and develop a greater appreciation of how their life has made a difference to the local community enhancing their self-confidence and mental health.”

Healthy Arts have since been in touch to share some photos of their moment:


A big thank you to Healthy Arts for submitting their moment!

HA Logo.jpeg





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