Art Workshop by Breightmet Long Arm Quilting Studio

On Friday 28th October from 10am-noon, Breightmet Long Arm Quilting Studio held their moment at Highfield House in Farnworth, Bolton; an art workshop which we learn more about below…

“I delivered an art workshop with residents of a sheltered housing scheme. We are working on a reminiscing project called “Project Postcards”. It is a textile piece. Everyone is making their own postcard about a favourite holiday or a dream holiday. We are using transfer photo fabric, fabric watercolours and markers.

This project has had several positive effects of the residents. We’ve enjoyed looking at everyone’s pictures from holidays past and sharing our memories of travel, family and happy times. It has been rewarding socially and creatively.

“Burt keeps coming back to the activity room hoping there is another workshop on.”

– Burt has advanced Dementia.”



A big thank you to Breightmet Long Arm Quilting Studio for their moment!





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