Brinnington Community Art Group

This moment comes from Brinnington Community Art Group, a wellbeing group, who use Arts and Crafts to help adults relax. They meet every Thursday between 1pm to 3pm at First House in Brinnington, Stockport. They tell us about their moment here…


“We are a community art group for adults in Brinnington who suffer from anxiety, depression or isolation. We use art and craft making as a way to get adults out of their comfort zone, interact with other in similar situations, have fun, make friends all while learning how to make cards or jewellery, mosaic, quilling or painting. We have been running this free 2 hour session every week since 2014.

We were asked by P4P (a dance and drama group) to design a backdrop of magic themed patterns for the panto ‘Double Trouble in Panto land’ which started on October 25th 2016.

We spent two weeks painting magical symbols on a 15 meter back cloth in glitter, neon and glow in the dark paint, sticking on sequins and stars for them production. Tonight (25th October) we are taking a mini bus to see the production and our art work in full ‘on stage’ under the spotlight glory – a big step for a lot of our members who don’t usually go out at night – it is there BIG MOMENT.

Health & Wellbeing Benefits…

  • Seeing their art work on stage – major ego boost, pride in themselves and what they have achieved – encouragement to expand and do bigger projects for other groups.
  • Getting out of their homes and themselves in a safe environment with their friends to enjoy a stage performance by a group of similar minded people might lead to them joining P4P and being on stage at next years performance.
  • Showing them that they can achieve anything with help support and friendship”


“I loved painting this back drop, at first it was a bit daunting, all those magic signs being painted free hand – not wanting to make a mistake as it was for a panto but Rachel encouraged us to pick an easy design (star, moon or sun) to start with then reminded us that this backdrop was only a small part of the whole production and there was no such thing as a mistake because its all ‘art’ and your interpretation of it. I was really sorry to see the end of the project but I was really please with all of my symbols.”

– Quote from Marion, a participant


Big thanks to Brinnington Community Art Group for sending us in their moment!






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