Christmas Jumper with a difference by Anxiety UK


Anxiety UK sent us this fab moment. Have a read here…

“This year, we are encouraging you all to knit your own Christmas jumper with a difference. We hope that potentially learning a new skill and the process of knitting the jumper will be beneficial to you all and at the same time we’ll be sending out a collective message that sometimes, even at Christmas, we can feel anxious – and it’s ok to say it!

We’ve teamed up with Beki Rymsza founder of bespoke knitwear brand Where’s Me Jumper, who has designed a Christmas jumper exclusively for Anxiety UK. The pattern is available to download on our website and we’d love to see as many of you as possible knitting your own version to wear this Christmas – and all year round, Beki’s made this one in Christmas colours but you can knit yours in whatever colours you choose.

Last year, a survey of 4,000 knitters undertaken by global fashion brand Wool and the Gang found that 90% of knitters agreed that knitting decreases anxiety levels, 40% said it helped to fight depression and 70% feel a sense of happiness after tackling a difficult project or knitting technique. It’s no wonder that 90% of US knitters and 86% of UK and European knitters said they ‘grab their knitting needles’ after a long, stressful day.”

“I’ve been knitting for years and only recently discovered the research into its health benefits but it makes perfect sense, it’s a really relaxing hobby. I love that you can both wind down and be super productive at the same time – from the comfort of your sofa in front of your favourite box set! It would be great to see lots of people taking part in #AUKChristmas. If the idea of letting people know how you feel is uncomfortable, hopefully the process of making the sweater will be a helpful one and even if it’s not one to wear out, you can cosy up in it on a quiet night in.”

–  Beki Rymsza, founder of Where’s Me Jumper

A big thank you to Anxiety UK for sharing this moment with us!







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