Fabric Flowers by Start in Salford

Our next moment comes from Start in Salford, who tell us about their moment…

“Our members will take part in a fabric flower creation project between 22nd – 28th October. Across the week, members in all our different classes will have the opportunity to make fabric flowers. The aim is to have as many fabric flowers as possible by the27th October when we will display them all together in the Start in Salford Garden, where they will be photographed.

Members at Start in Salford participate in various creative activities as a way of helping them deal with a variety of mental health issues that they may be experiencing. The classes aim to provide relaxation, boost self esteem and confidence, and improve members social contacts.”

Our own Steve Goslyn joined in with the Start in Salford photography group to capture this beautiful moment. He spoke to a participant who said:

“I love coming here.  Art is my mindfulness. When I’m doing my art I forget about everything else in my life and my mind is at rest. I feel so much better for this”.


A big thank you to Start in Salford for submitting their moment and allowing us to come and enjoy it too!






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