Knitty Gritty by Touchstones Rochdale & Link4Life

Our next moment comes from Touchstones Rochdale, who tell us about their moment below…

The Touchstones Rochdale Knitty Gritty group meet the last Tuesday of the month in The Art Cafe. This informal group meet every month to share ideas, learn new skill and be inspired. This month two of the participants brought a knitting pattern to create angels for a local project. The knitting group have been involved in so many projects over the many years it has been running from microbiological organisms, sea weed, fish, bees to flowers and now angels have made an appearance.

The knitting group gives people an ability to realize their personal potential through creating their own hand craft pieces, take part in larger art projects to build confidence, be part of a social group and a larger craft network to prevent isolation, creates the opportunity to access challenging new artwork via Touchstones Art Gallery’s programme which inspires new ways of thinking.

Today a member said “You have to tell your self there is no such thing as can’t”.
Another member then said, “I’ never used to knit patterns like this (pointing to her current Christmas jumper which she is knitting for her grandson). I thought they were complicated. I remember once wanting to knit a shawl and saying to the lady at the wool shop that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but she kept saying I’d be ok. So I went off and tried it out and it was ok. I made it and it was fine”
The first member to speak then said, “yes you’ve just got to have the confidence to give things a go, and surprise yourself.””

A big thank you to Touchstones Rochdale and Link4Life for submitting this lovely moment!


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