shed-fest, celebrating 10 years of the shed gallery with pool arts

This moment comes from Pool Arts, an organisation who aim to challenge the barriers and provide opportunities for artists from all backgrounds. Their moment marks 10 years of their project The Shed. They tell us more about it here…

“We have been getting ready to celebrate 10 Years of the SHED gallery, which is a tiny contemporary art gallery based in Levenshulme, Manchester on a community
allotment – so we prepared this poster and are sending it to 100 moments too!
This was our moment because Mahmoud who is one of the Pool artists worked on the design using his long experience of design work before he retired and became an artist!”
Health & Wellbeing Benefits Anticipated…
“Looking at art in the context of a community allotment, with Pool Arts artists on hand to explain their work and share their expertise with visitors!”
Quote from participant…
 “I love the SHED!”
Big thanks to Pool Arts for sending us their moment! 

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