The Horsefall @ 42nd Street

Our next moment comes from The Horsefall at 42nd Street. They tell us more about their project ‘HIDDEN’ below…

HIDDEN is the first major project at The Horsfall; 42nd Street’s creative venue and programme opening in early 2017. We have brought together young carers, a team of theatre makers and mental health professionals to make an immersive experience that explores secrets, hiding places, the invisible and things that get disguised.

Between 25th and 27th October we have been running an intensive 3-day workshop to explore the themes of the show. The show will be a glimpse into the inner worlds of young people who survive and thrive using creativity in their everyday lives.

Eight young carers have investigated sound composition, set design and writing for theatre and at the end of the process will charge the professionals with a series of tasks to develop their ideas.

We will be running more workshops across Greater Manchester in November and HIDDEN will open at the end of January 2017 with a cast of young people and professional actors.

The Horsfall puts young people at the centre, creating new ways and spaces for young people to explore their own lives and to communicate with a wider public. Our programme enables young people seeing support, mental health practitioners and professional artists to work side by side, ensuring that young people get the support they need in an environment that suits them. Our projects enable young people to express their feelings, communicate difficult issues and to develop solutions to improve mental wellbeing.

At the Horsfall and 42nd Street we are passionate about offering young people the best support we can, be that through counselling, therapy or the creative programme. The artists we work with are excellent in their fields and by pairing them with our mental health practitioners, we offer young people the space to explore new creative languages.”

-Julie McCarthy, Creatie Producer The Horsfall”

A big thank you to Horsefall at 42nd Street for sending us this treasure of a moment!


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