BE WELCOME by Passion Art

The next moment comes from Passion Art who tell us about their moment here…

BE WELCOME is an art exhibition exploring how we welcome the stranger, a spiritual value shared by most faith backgrounds; to see all of humanity as our neighbour and to welcome the lessons and stories they can bring us. On display at St Ann’s Church Manchester until 26th November are paintings of women seeking asylum by Manchester artist Elizabeth Kwant from her residency with The Boaz Trust, and a photographic essay by Marksteen Adamson who visited Lebanon and the Calais jungle to uncover stories of displaced lives seeking safety and belonging .

Artwork Photo.jpg

From 7-9pm on Thursday 17th November PassionArt will be hosting an evening of creative storytelling to accompany the BE WELCOME exhibition with film, poetry, music, visual art and stories from Acting on Impulse – who run drama workshops for the homeless, Rhema Theatre’s short film Alicija on the reality of human trafficking, painter Elizabeth Kwant on her residency with the Boaz Trust and Cllr Beth Knowles sharing on the Arts & Heritage response to the Manchester Homeless Charter. Come and join us to learn more about how artists are engaging compassionately with vulnerable communities in our city to show that we are a welcoming city.”


“This pop up exhibition at St Ann’s Church encourages us all to open up to previously undiscovered connections and see the common identity we share through the arts. These life size portraits of people seeking asylum open our eyes to new perspectives and above all see that we all want to be welcomed and therein we should be all welcoming.”

Cllr Beth Knowles

Big thanks to Passion Art for sending us their moment! 
Passion Art Logo .jpg

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