Bedford High School – ‘To Care, To Learn, To Achieve’

Bedfrod High School pupils had a lesson in caring, learning and achieving with a day of art and poetry workshops. Share their moment with them……..
Year 7s at Bedford High School, Leigh learned the art of collaborative art making with a day of art and poetry workshops. 187 students took part and this particular work of art reflects their school values of ‘To care, to learn, to achieve’. Using the symbols of butterflies (to learn), swallows (to care) and pigeons (to achieve) they created pieces of origami that came together to make a beautiful flight of colour. Students, who had just transitioned into their new school, supported each other in learning the craft of origami. The work is currently on display in the window of the Turnpike and will become a fixture in the new wing of Bedford High School, becoming part of their new art collection.

Students learned the benefits of collaboration, supporting and teaching each other in the making of artworks. Reflection, mindfulness and friendship were key components of the work – qualities that are hugely beneficial in the moment of transition into secondary school.

Thanks to Bedford High School for sharing their moment with us!





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