Give2Gain – Stockport

Photo: Steve from 100 Moments

Give2Gain brings us our next moment. In partnership with Stockport Targeted Prevention Alliance, the Stockport group learned the value of sharing stories and tell us all about it in this blog……..

“Story telling is the oldest form of communication and continues to have a great impact on the way we work, as it helps us to understand peoples’ experiences in their own words. At the event, at the aptly named Land O’ Cakes, in Stockport our tales ranged from experiences of the Stockport Give2GainTimebank connecting with the Halle orchestra; to learning about hidden strengths of character being discovered in the wilds of the Yukon in Canada. This was new venture for Give2Gain in partnership with the Stockport Targeted Prevention Alliance. A short film will be made of the event and we hope it will continue and further develop.

This event was a great opportunity for people to get together informally to share their stories. It was aimed at people who have an interest in the ways in which stories can help everyone understand the challenges faced by people in our communities. The benefits included finding out about lots of amazing community activities going in Stockport communities, and being inspired by the stories of others.”

I learned a lot from the listening to people sitting around in the circle. One thing which will stay with me is that empathy is often underrated but is really important in our relationships. Also, there is great power in really listening to each other and understanding where we are coming from. It was so good just to meet others, to take some time out to share our stories, and appreciate how much we all have to offer to each other.”


Thanks for telling us about your special moment Give2Gain!






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