Mini Movies to Inspire and Promote Wellbeing by Ellie Paskell

Our next moment comes from Ellie Paskell who tell us about her latest project…

I am an actress and filmmaker, and am creating a series of mini movies to inspire and promote wellbeing.

The project – to be released on social media – is both comic and poignant and will reassure audiences that they are not alone in experiencing emotional, mental or physical challenges. With magic, energy, truth and silliness, the films bring hope, guidance and entertainment to watchers.

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The project will inspire and guide audiences; each episode offers a tool to bring more health and happiness to our lives. As I’m also a mindfulness teacher, I’m excited to be including tips on using mindfulness to work with stress and depression, in the story lines.

Personally, I’m finding increased health and happiness through the movie-making process. As I write the scripts, learn about equipment, meet with camera operators, story board.. create costumes (etc etc etc) such inspiration moves through me it’s… amazing :). And, equally, the anticipation of touching the lives of people who watch these is nourishing for me.

The movies, themselves, bring wellbeing to watchers in the sense that they’ll be engaged, invited to laugh, and invited to feel other emotions that they, perhaps, push away while moving about it their busy lives. This, I believe, is the gift all art brings.

Currently it’s me, my director of photography and my technical advisor (so, three of us) taking part. But it’s likely there’ll be at least another two or three involved before the first film is complete. I had offers of collaboration from a producer and make up artist, this week, so it’s all very exciting…”

Thanks a lot for your submission Ellie, and we hope it all goes well!








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