Paint Along the Pathways by Art in the Community


Paint Along the Pathways is our next moment, coming to use from Art in the Community. They tell us more here…

Paint along the pathways is a series of 10 creative and wellbeing workshops based at Wigan and Leigh Carer’s Centre in Hindley Wigan. From the 3rd of October 2016 onwards the fortnightly sessions are open to carer’s who would like to join us on short walks and explorations of the local area, observing and recording sights and sounds in a variety of formats including drawing, photography and painting. It’s a great way to learn about the benefits of mindfulness when working with nature and the environment and to enjoy the friendship of fellow carer’s.

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Paint along the pathways aims to encourage health benefits by being in the great outdoors whilst enjoying the surroundings within a safe and friendly group. Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the environment with a fresh mindset by taking notice of their senses, this mindful activity allows a greater awareness of the local area whilst taking a break from the caring role. This activity brings a sense of calm and wellbeing whilst boosting confidence and encouraging a sense of pride and achievement. The benefit of a group activity brings an enriching experience through creativity and the short period of respite from the caring role increasing personal wellbeing.”

One participant shared why they love Art in the Community:

“Art in the Community have helped me to get over the fear of drawing and painting and made it enjoyable, I have made some great friends and look forward to the next sessions as it helps me to take ‘time out’ of caring for my partner.”


A huge thank you to Art in the Community for this lovely moment!







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