Platform Theatre Company


Our next moment is brought to you by Platform Theatre Company who tell us all about the great work they do below…

Platform Theatre Company in Wigan is a community drama group for ages 13 plus. The project forms part of Healthy Arts‘ regular creative workshops as part of Wigan Council’s ‘Deal for Communities’. It is an inclusive group whose members range from teenagers to adults in their 50’s, providing a real inter-generational flavour. We are an inclusive group who welcome people of all abilities. Last year, the group performed a new piece of theatre about contrasting groups of people, entitled ‘Family Snaps’. This year, the group are working on comedy sketches ready for performance in 2017. Current workshops experiment with physical theatre and we aim to find the truth in comedy moments – allowing us to explore what truly makes people laugh!

People generally first attend the group with low-level or no experience and go on to gain confidence through the drama workshops and performances. Playing in front of an audience can be an immense boost to individuals’ self-esteem.

Sessions have an impact on participants’ mental well-being as they make new friends and explore issues via their shared love of developing their performance skills.

We monitor members’ development in public speaking & confidence, their positive mental & physical health and the impact this has on their everyday lives.”

“Being part of this group has helped me through a very tough part of my life and has given me something to enjoy each week. I sit here today and I cannot believe I have just done a 4 day production and have performed in front of over 100 people. I am very proud of myself and what I have been able to achieve and I owe that to Martin Green and my fellow actors.”

– Stephanie Seddon

A huge thank you to Platform Theatre Company for sharing their moment with us!






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