Psyche by 100 by SPARC

SPARC sent us this next moment about their project ‘Psyche by 100’…

SPARC’s moment will be the creation of an artwork capturing the thoughts of 100 people around mental health and wellbeing from SPARCS’ members, staff and visitors.

The piece, ‘Psyche by 100’ will be themed upon the symbolism of the butterfly in ancient Greek and Roman mythology(Psyche was the personification of the human soul and from her name we have Psychology and Psychiatry-Psyche was depicted as a butterfly winged girl).

100 butterfly shaped pieces of white card were given to the participants and these will be mounted on a large white painted canvas. The artwork will be minimalist in style(white on white)so the text will be dominant.

The artwork will be used to decorate a small meeting space we have in an alcove. As this space is used for referral interviews as well as support/counselling sessions it will be an apt addition and source of inspiration.

The creation of ‘Psyche by 100’ led to much thought from many of those involved. Many people had to really think of an appropriate word or statement which captured their thoughts on mental health and their wellbeing. Some people took a butterfly away and thought about their response.

Some responses were straight forward statements whilst others were more obscure or poetic in nature-some were wonderfully surreal.

I think the exercise was interesting as the small size of the butterfly shaped cards meant that answers had to be considered. Many people really had to think which is always good.”

A couple of participants commented:

 “Creative things are good for your health. When I was in hospital over 15 years ago I liked doing the O.T activities such as gardening and woodwork.”

“I have worries at the moment about changes which will affect DLA payments and I mentioned this on my butterfly.”

A big thank you to SPARC for their moment!







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