SICK! Festival


Our next moment comes from SICK! Festival who tell us about their fantastic moment below…

Presented in partnership with Contact, The Lowry, The Whitworth, Home and other venues across Manchester, SICK! Festival confronts the physical, mental and social challenges that we face in our individual and collective lives. In March 2017 the festival will present an outstanding international arts programme, weaving in perspectives from academic research, clinical practitioners, public health professionals, charities and those with lived experience of the issues we address.

Themes are explored through many art forms – dance, theatre, film, spoken word – and through discussion, debates and lectures. The issues we examine are difficult: sexuality, identity, mental suffering, ageing… the very stuff of being human. But they are also deeply personal. All too often, they are kept away from public view and debate. We exist to change that. In 2015, SICK! Festival won the prestigious EFFE Festivals Award, a prestigious accolade rewarding the 12 most outstanding European festivals from a pool of 760.

SICK! Festival enables audiences and participants to reimagine the most challenging aspects of their lives. It enables positive, productive reflection on traumatic experience, if not curing then enabling people to live well with challenging conditions and experiences. It is a catalyst allowing people to become mutually self-informed and self-supported by communities of individuals with shared experience (Performers, speakers, audiences). It empowers people with living with conditions, recognising the levels of experiential understanding and knowledge that exist within the patient community and the public as a whole. The festival format offers a social context and network for sharing experiences which have a powerfully cathartic and therapeutic effect. The festival programme also offers tangible, practical and up-to-date knowledge about specific conditions and sign-posting to existing health and well-being services.”

“Everyone needs to hear this […] It was fantastic. Very brave and challenging. It’s very important that you’re not shying away from these things. Despite the weight of the subjects, it was very affirming. People were comforted that they’re not alone.”

– Fabia Bates, Director, Survivor’s Network

A huge thank you to the SICK! Festival for sending us their moment! 







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