Spooky Arts and Crafts at Littleborough Sports Centre

Littleborough Sports Centre and Link4Life brought us a ‘Spooky Moment’. Read all about what they got up to…….

“Our moment was a Spooky Arts and Crafts session run at Littleborough Sports Centre today as part of the half term holidays schedule. This session was run by our partners Link4Life and saw eleven children making spooky Frankenstein bags and haunted houses on the run up to Halloween.


This session has lots of benefits for health and wellbeing. Following the five ways to wellbeing it allows the children involved to:
CONNECT – with other children their own age and socialize with them.
BE ACTIVE – something fun that they enjoy and keeps them busy.
TAKE NOTICE – doing something arty, creative and fun.
KEEP LEARNING – following instructions and learning how to create pieces of art.
GIVE – helping their friend who are stuck with their artwork and giving each other ideas on decorations.

This moment also gave the children the chance to feel proud of their work and a have sense of achievement, which instils happiness, as well as being excited with the fun and creative tasks they are sharing with friends.”

Thanks for telling us about your special moment Littleborough Sports Centre!






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