Being Well Salford – 100 Moments

Being Well Salford share their ‘Moment’ with us. Read on to learn more about their activities…….

The 100 Moments event took place the week of 24th-28th Oct 2016 asking the Being Well Salford team to be creative and discuss how art and creative activities can support individuals to improve their health and wellbeing. As coaches we support individuals to achieve their health and wellbeing goals that they set for themselves. We have seen how these activities can be used as a therapy for improving mood, distraction for addiction, to create a sense of achievement to improve self-esteem or for just enjoyment. Coaches use Motivational interviewing to find out what motivates that person and only that person. Coaches also refer into local creative community activities such as Start Art in Salford, Salford community leisure activities, social and musical groups.


Being Well Salford has been described by previous participants as individual, tailored and personal which led us to create our own artwork that would represent the service. Over the course of a week we drew our logo the ‘Being Well Man/ Woman’ and asked participants, volunteers, coaches, admin staff, management and partners to get involved and paint the man/ woman with our fingerprints creating a unique canvas while discussing the 100 moments project.

As finger prints are unique to that individual, the service message is that the Being Well Salford approach is as individual as your finger print.

‘My coach put me first and we only talked about what I wanted to talk about. It was all about my next steps and supported me to get there.’

‘I forgot how much I loved drawing and painting, This could take my mind off my cravings for a cigarette.’ Staff member has recently quit smoking.

The whole team thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece of art with a bigger meaning with coaches refreshing their local knowledge of art and creative projects and services and staff setting their own goals to ‘get creative’ again.


Thanks to Being Well Salford for sharing their moment with us!






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