Headspace – Bolton

Using creativity to change the narrative of mental illness, Headspace Bolton explain the ethos of the group and share with us ‘moments’ from their members……..

“Opportunities to explore our creativity following a workshop with Steven Bailey. Focusing on our strengths and assets, learning from each other, and using creativity to explore the best in us is at the core of Headspace membership.”

“Live in the moment” say the advice books. But these moments are yours: they are too loud, too bright, too full. I am too tense, too focused on how I may get it wrong. Again.

Later I am in the woods with the dogs. We are running wild; loose, a team. The rain rubs away all the details of the world until all I can see are little lights. They are beautiful. I am focus-free. This, I think, is my moment.

“Sometimes we feel that we have been spun through a vortex into a life that wasn’t meant. This images reminds us that as we pass through sunshine and shade, however inhospitable the place, there is always beauty if we look for it.”


The Bridge
“The bridge represents life for an autistic person. The bridge is in sections that do not match up – this is what life is like for people with autism as you get pieces of information and can’t understand how they connect -you know where you want to go but the information does not link together. You see the beauty but struggle to reach it.”



“Headspace allows us to learn about each other, about art and creativity, about tolerance and about ourselves. To an autistic person who is easily overwhelmed, detail, I discover, is over-rated.”
“Nothing’s in focus” said the photography teacher. “That’s the point” I realise.”

Thanks to Headspace Bolton for sharing their moment with us!






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