‘heART of our Community’

Whalley Range Community Forum bring us a moment from the very ‘heART’ of their Community. Find out what happens in their JNR8 building as they share their moment with us………

“Why do we come here? We asked people to send us a postcard about belonging to our festival and our groups who gather together.
So far 35 people have shared words, art and thoughts about belonging – as part of our groups, from older people to the very young, recording our thoughts as individuals in a safe space. Expressing ourselves as individuals/together: funny, sad, happy, cryptic art + words from all ages, no judging – celebrating and being there for each other.
People take part in a diverse variety of activities in our JNR8 building and other spaces in Whalley Range, making it our own space when we are there, moving on after our sessions until the next time, making way for the next people.
Then we all come together for our annual community festival – Celebrate.


Gathering and sharing the thoughts from other building users and local residents on postcards tells us more about each other – what else goes on in this building when it’s not just MY space – not just the group I’m visiting that I am part of?
Can I participate even more? Is there a group/activity for me?
People discover more about the community, the individuals who come here:
Little ones loving the playscheme, playing, laughing and having fun
Young people having a say, eating together, a safe home from home.
People learning English: unlocking communication, making cross-cultural friends, Older people re-connecting with their neighbours, reliving the old days, sharing the history of our neighbourhood
Women-only: a safe space to laugh and meet like-minded people, make new friends, keep fit, develop language
Lifting the stigma of mental ill health, sharing and eating together with friends
Support and a listening ear for our community”

“We can all make the changes that help us to feel better about ourselves.
Come to Whalley Range and make changes start.”


Thanks to Whalley Range Community Forum for sharing their moment with us!





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