NHS Recovery Group by Bury Art Museum

Our next moment comes from Bury Art Museum, who tell us more about their moment here..

On Friday mornings, Bury Art Museum runs an art workshop for an NHS recovery group with guidance provided by artist Lee Crocker who works at the gallery. The idea of the sessions is to create a welcoming environment for the members and to encourage their creativity and personal style taking inspiration from the artworks within the gallery and our staff’s knowledge. We have been successful in continuing this for six years and these pictures show today’s session within the Victorian gallery and the types of work that the group are working on.

The Friday morning art group has resulted in these people gaining confidence, both in their artwork and with general day to day activities. The group continually supports Bury Art Museum, the decisions we make and attends many of the events we do. The relationship has continued further than the gallery and some of the members are now part of the Bury Collective, a collaborative art group based in Bury. Through this, some of the members have been part of wider projects, for example, an exhibition within The Met theatre as part of a World War One project. We anticipate that this enthusiasm, positivity and confidence continues to benefit our members and that we continue to develop together as an organisation and a group.”

Quotes from different people at today’s Friday Morning Art Group:

“We enjoy coming here”
“Good social aspect”
“Great atmosphere”
“We support each other”
“It is good to meet with like- minded people and bounce ideas off each other”

Thank you so much Bury Art Museum for submitting your moment!






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