The Challenge at Arc

This moment is from ARC, a creative arts organisation based in Stockport specialising in workshops, wellbeing and community development. They tell us about their moment here…

“29 people will attend sessions as part of our six month wellbeing programme Challenge, which offers vulnerable adults structured support on a journey to wellbeing, confidence and independence.

Challenge is a self-development and creative arts programme, plus support outside the sessions. It is designed to support participants who are experiencing on-going difficulties associated with their mental health to develop not only their skills, but also their confidence and general wellbeing and psychological resilience. Supported by staff, volunteers and social work students, the programme works with each individual to help them fulfil their aspirations.
Our moment takes the form of an image, showing what one of the participants said about the programme through a quote and recent artwork.”


A quote from a participant: “I liked mixing with people and I was proud to put my work in the gallery”


A big thank you to Arc for sending us their moment!




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