Breakdown Bolton and Headspace

The Call to Action team were delighted that Breakdown Bolton and Headspace joined us and contributed to the Call to Action event, delivering creative writing and comedy workshops to attendees.

Breakdown Bolton

Breakdown Bolton is a peer led Community Interest Company that runs high quality arts projects and often works with stigmatised groups. We are passionate about breaking down the barriers and challenging the stigma that our clients face, both internalised and societal. We also raise awareness of mental health issues and tackle problems such as social exclusion. We aim to do this by promoting high level creativity, individual expression and increased confidence through arts workshops, in a safe and positive environment for those across Bolton and beyond- striving for more and never settling for second best.


Based at the Octagon Theatre, Headspace is an exciting and creative outlet for people with Mental Health issues, without direct focus upon these. A forum where people can freely express their unique traits, individuality and utilise their skills by primarily focusing on positive, personal, social and professional achievement and success and not on mental health. Headspace promotes positive change for the individual and challenges misconceptions often held by society.

Headspace has helped people to develop their skills because we are challenged to work at a higher level but in a safe environment. We are supported to try new things and to develop in depth understanding to a professional level. We are not treated differently because of our mental health problems.’   (Headspace Participant)

Here are some fab photos of the creative writing that took place on the day! For more info, please contact or


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