Healthy Arts @ Call to Action

Healthy Arts contributed a H Journalling, drop in workshop at Call to Action at the Peoples History Museum on 21st March. Thank you!  Here is a bit more about Healthy Arts who also feature as part of the 100 Moments publication.

Healthy Arts is a not-for-profit organisation of Wigan-based arts professionals who deliver workshops and/or projects to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals and/or for the benefit of the community. Working with groups or individuals, we can create bespoke arts projects and learning on almost any theme to meet the specific needs of service users and groups.

Healthy Arts aims to provide a range of creative arts-based activities and training prospects for local health service-users within the Wigan Borough. We will also focus on support, training and networking opportunities for local artists, health and social care professionals, teaching staff and other organisations and individuals, as we maintain that developmental work is essential for sustainable growth.



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