‘I am Very Real’ Art Trail by Redfolio

Our first Moment came from Redfolio whose ‘I am Very Real Art Trail’ ran from 3rd-10th September at various venues in Wigan. They tell us about their moment…

“We have been working in Leigh with Mindart exploring the personal experience of living with mental health issues.

Our big day out was a springboard for a creative process which has each individual’s own response at it’s core. Our mark-making sessions have become calligraphic box sculptures, which will provide a wall of meditation and contemplation for visitors.

We also created a frame of tiny multiples and a pair of scrolls using the concept of the elevated microcosm to reinforce the project’s premise that ‘I am very real’. Our gallery installation encompasses a broad look at mental health and the notion of visible versus invisible and private versus public perceptions.”

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“The project was devised specifically for Mindart which is a group we started ourselves in 2012 through GP referrals. The name ‘Mindart’ was chosen by the group themselves after a couple of years working with them and is testament to their ownership and investment in the group.

We worked with 15 adults over the course of the project, all living with mental health issues.

The health and wellbeing benefits have been cumulative over the time we have worked with them and have included: increased confidence; access to local college courses; taking on a group allotment; increased social participation; reduction in Isolation; increased mobility outside the local area (helped by us organising trips to city galleries); increased belief in own abilities (seeing artwork in public spaces and being recognised for this).”

A big thank you to Redfolio and Mindart for sending us their moment! 

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