Art Group by Stroke Association Oldham & Gallery Oldham

Our next moment comes from the Stroke Association Oldham‘s Communication Support service, which supports people who have aphasia. They tell us about their moment…

“A few times a year we have an art group in partnership with Gallery Oldham.  The Outreach and education co ordinator there has wonderful ideas for us to paint/draw and all sorts of different crafts.

The art group runs in partnership with Oldham MBC Arts and Leisure and is led by the Outreach Worker at the Education Suite at Gallery Oldham.  Stroke Survivors and carers learn and practise drawing  techniques this quarter.  They drew various ‘Still Life’ in different mediums.


This activity was, for some, the start of taking up a new activity and discovering a new talent, for others the return to a valued and meaningful activity.  Everyone created and expressed themselves, making unique artwork.  For some this was the first time, or the culmination of, practising writing and drawing with their left hand.  The sessions promoted interest, collaboration and conversation.  Attendees were listening, speaking and initiating conversation.  We integrated communication activities into the sessions, eg. Each person thinking of a word to describe the still life arrangement, or naming an artist or famous painting using supported communication if necessary.”

Feedback from service users and carers included such comments as:

 “Most enjoyable afternoon”

“something we can attend as a couple and meet other people in the same situation.”

A big thank you to Stroke Association Oldham & Gallery Oldham for sending us their moment! 








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