Handmade by Whitworth Art Gallery

Claire at the Whitworth tells us about their moment ‘Handmade’…

“Its 2pm on a Friday afternoon and the studio space at the Whitworth Art Gallery is buzzing with the sound of people laughing and chatting as they smash a pile of colourful tiles.

This is the weekly Handmade craft workshop and over the last five sessions 33 people have attended and made one or more mosaic tiles.

Some have come just the once on the off chance, as they were visiting a relative in the hospital across the road, some came for 2 or 3 sessions to try it out and some have been coming since the workshops started last year.

The craft based workshops run every Friday from 2-4pm during term time and are facilitated by an Artist with support staff.

Handmade aims to provide an informal and fun opportunity to learn a craft based skill in a friendly environment for people aged 50+.

Tea and biscuits are provided.

The craft based workshops give a focus for participants that enable them to both physically and mentally get away from whatever is going on in thier lives.

Spending time in a relaxed and informal environment enables a safe space to get to meet other people and make new friends

Participants often say they feel energised and uplifted at the end of the sessions. One participant commented:

“I’m thoroughly loving the Handmade sessions at the Whitworth Art Gallery – held in such inspirational surroundings and given by extremely professional tutors it’s hard to believe that they’re free!”

A big thank you to Claire and the Whitworth for telling us about their moment!






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