Act Out

Act Out bring us a ‘community drama group’ moment. Find out more about what they do as they share their moment with us……….

“Act Out are a community drama group funded by Bolton at Home and The Octagon Theatre, and supported by Stone Soup. The group, which is made up of local residents, meets every Thursday, where participants are exploring drama and on personal journeys of self-discovery as they create new theatre. They are currently making a moment of Magic for The Octagon’s Reveal Season. The plot is based around a group of people from all walks of life whose existences brush against each other’s, but never fully connect, as they try to learn from the lessons that life throws at them and make their way in the world.

This group is extremely supportive of each other; we make moments every week to reflect on our emotional wellbeing, offer time to talk and be heard, and give each other a space to connect. The group find the session uplifting, cathartic and a release of stress. It is a space to let go of the difficulties of life and be positive, laugh and have fun.”

Since coming I’ve got loads more confidence. It’s not like I was expecting. Here everyone is really supportive. We do drama but we are a little family too. We laugh together; we cry together and are always there for each other. Plus we make some great plays and shows too.”

Thanks to Act Out for sharing their moment with us!






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